Morning Wakeup Call

The train whistle could not be any louder. I felt like the ringing in my ears would never stop. But it did. My darling roommate’s voice did the trick. I woke up from my dream with a jolt. A train in dreams – even my dreamlife is boring.

“Siri, Are you going to take an off today? It’s 8 AM. Are you going to the office?” Neha asked me. “Of course I’m going. The test cases are not going to get executed by themselves are they?” I mumbled to myself.

So, to introduce myself, my name is Srisha or Siri, as I am known to people close to anyone or me onshore in the US who cannot pronounce my name. I work as a Software Engineer at A2Z Technology Solutions. My specialty (if you can call it) is IT testing. While in college, I wanted to develop stuff – important stuff such as Robots and terminators and transformers. However, when A2Z selected me and assigned me to testing, I took it. This was of course, because the pay was too good (good enough to afford myself a fancy coach handbag).

I hurried and got dressed and took 256A bus to my office in Whitefield. I thought of all the things I have to accomplish today. Complete my part of testing, check out some new purses on sale at the nearby mall, get my nephew Murali his birthday present (it has been 2 weeks since his birthday for god’s sake), and make a to-do list of all the other stuff I’m sure I’ll think of by the time I get to the office. A phone ringing really loud interrupted my thoughts. It took me about 5 minutes before I realized it was my phone and everyone in the bus including the conductor was staring at me. God, I wish I were back in my bed.

It was of course my mom on the phone. “What took you so long to answer the phone? I was so worried. I was just going to call your aunt in Bangalore before you picked up the phone” my mom said even before I could muster a hello.

“Good Morning mom. I am in the bus. My phone was in my handbag and it took me a while to hunt it down. What are you guys upto? Are you in your morning walk?” I answered.

“Not today. Its raining crazy. We thought we’ll stay home and go walking in the evening. What is that noise? How come you are not at office yet?”

“I just got down from the bus and walking to the office. In fact I’m almost there. Let’s talk in the evening” I remarked as I walked into my office campus.

“Wait a second. You need to some home today. Take the evening bus and take an off tomorrow. Its Friday anyway” my mom said.

“Why should I take an off tomorrow? Besides, I don’t have more holidays left if you guys want me to come there for Diwali” I retorted

“Well, your dad’s friend is coming home with his family. We want you to meet them. His son Nikil is in the US and he saw you in Shweta akka’s wedding and he liked you. I’m sure you’ll like him too. So please come home. Besides, this is like the 100th guy we arranged for you. You will really like this guy, I’m sure”